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SAYI 2021


Mental Health Workshop with Mannmukti

MannMukti's workshop will cover how classism, cultural competency, and the nature of colleges as businesses are amongst the critical factors that shape students' access to affirming, affordable mental health services as well as how they can build sustainable student-led movements to advocate for change, especially when demanding diverse personnel and accessibility for inclusive on-campus care.

Dance Workshop with

Rohit Gijare

We’re so excited for one of our first SAYI 2021 Conference events, a virtual dance workshop with Rohit Gijare! The workshop will take place on April 9th from 8PM to 9:30PM EST! 

storytelling Workshop with the 1947 Partition Archive

This workshop hosted by the 1947 Partition Archive, now numbering at 10,000+ stories from the Partition, is a new, one of its kind workshop that will allow SAYI'21 attendees to learn about the ins and outs of oral historiography as a means of memory making and preservation. From the methods involved in interviewing a historic character to curating a story for generations to read, the workshop will engage attendees in the necessary steps for archiving history.

Gender and Violence Workshop hosted by 

This workshop is designed to help SAYI'21 attendees conceptualize issues of gender-based violence and inequity in South Asia and contextualize them in specific cultural and social norms. It also offers them a chance to engage in scenario-based activities to better prepare to identify gender-based abuse and support survivors near or around them. The workshop offers insight from an on-ground organization working to support South Asian survivors of gender violence especially immigrant women in Connecticut. 


The Grassroots Organizing workshop will teach participants some of the basic skills of grassroots organizing, like power mapping and base building, in order to build collective power for our own campus and home communities. We will also gain a better understanding of the ideas behind organizing strategy and different approaches to organizing. Organizers at the New York Taxi Workers Alliance will share their decades of experience building their union from the ground up to fight for livable incomes, regulations benefiting taxi workers, and securing emergency aid for drivers.

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