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SAYI Pre-Programming Events




Scroll to see past pre-programming events and upcoming events! 

conversation with alok vaid-menoN


In Collaboration with the Yale Pontyer Fellowship

The event will feature ALOK discussing the main themes of Beyond the Gender Binary, an open Q&A, and breakout discussion rooms to better internalize teachings from the event. 

CASTE 101 workshop

January 22nd, 2021

Presented by: Equality Labs 

SAYI's Caste 101 workshop, run by Equality Labs, to gain a critical understanding of what caste privilege and oppression looks like in our daily lives, both in South Asia and in the US. We will also learn some of the tools and language needed to dismantle caste supremacy.

anti-blackness in the south asian community

OCTOBER 23RD, 2020

This panel brought together a diverse group of South Asian activists to critically examine what allyship means and to discuss how the South Asian community can combat anti-Blackness, both as a cultural issue and as a policy issue. The panelists discussed the roles white supremacy and casteism both play in South Asian anti-Blackness while providing constructive actions we can take to confront this racism.

south asians in nyc politics panel

September 24th 2020

In Collaboration with the Sapna Project

Panel featuring prominent South Asian politicians discussing their experiences and issues affecting the South Asian diaspora.

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