2020 South Asian Youth Initiative National Conference

SAYI Town Hall

The SAYI Town Hall will serve as an opportunity for all conference attendees to engage an open dialogue about issues that disproportionately affect South Asians and South Asian Americans. Attendees will not only engage on these unique challenges to the South Asian diaspora, but collaborate to determine nation wide solutions that could be spearheaded by a vast network of college students. The Town Hall will also offer students the opportunity to provided helpful feedback on improving the SAYI initiative so it can be sustained and bettered for future years. 

Arts and Expressions Workshop

Explore the intersections of identity and art!

At the South Asian Youth Initiative, we will be hosting an arts & expressions workshop to provide attendees the opportunity to learn about ways to express their identity and activism. This workshop is open to students with all levels of experience and backgrounds as all lessons will be introductory. We will have dance workshops, a henna workshop, and much more! We hope to see you there!



Innovation Challenge

Students will compete for a $500 innovation challenge that is sponsored by Yale Tsai City. We will be releasing a prompt during the conference that students will have an hour to put their brains together and tackle! Judges from Tsai City and the South Asian Studies Council  will be deciding our winners!


South Asian Americans in Public Service Natoinwide Pitch

SAAPS seeks to inspire students of all backgrounds to enter careers in public service by creating an affirming space where they can see and hear from American public servants of South Asian descent who have overcome various barriers to galvanize positive change in the fields of government, politics, law, and media. At the South Asian Youth Initiative, they will be launching a nation wide pitch to engage students across the country in meaningful work in the public sector. This nationwide pitch will mirror SAYI's own launch of nationwide network to connect South Asian college students across the country!